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Veeva deepens partnership with Salesforce; links to IMS go south

March 19, 2017

Veeva Systems announced a new integration between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Veeva CRM, including support for Salesforce Service Cloud with Veeva Vault, that will allow for shared information between the two clouds. After 10 years of partnership, where Veeva is global CRM provider of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for Salesforce, the companies are expanding their cooperation to provide a more consistent and cohesive experience for healthcare professionals. Together, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Veeva CRM now include Salesforce marketing activities and data, Veeva CRM data and multichannel interactions, Veeva CRM Approved Email, Veeva CLMA, and Veeva CRM Suggestions. Additionally, life sciences companies that use both Veeva Vault and Salesforce Service Cloud have the ability to respond to and fulfill customer service requests through Salesforce Service Cloud with approved, compliant content directly from Veeva Vault.

Veeva may have a long-standing CRM relationship with Salesforce; however, life is not so sweet for Veeva and IMS (now QuintilesIMS). Veeva filed a lawsuit against IMS for violating federal and state antitrust and unfair competition laws. After three years of attempted negotiations, the lawsuit comes from IMS’s refusal to allow customers to load IMS reference data into Veeva Network. Veeva believes that customers have the right to choose the software and data products that best suit them. IMS has prevented customers from loading data into Veeva’s Network Customer Master application since its inception. Veeva is not the only company who has alleged unlawful behavior from IMS. Symphony Health Solutions has also taken similar antitrust actions against the company. The lawsuit from Veeva will not affect customers’ use of its products.


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