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Salesforce adds Mt. Sinai as client, pushing further into health care

March 20, 2017
  • Mount Sinai will implement the Salesforce Health Cloud platform to help manage relationships and coordination between more than 10,000 providers and 350,000 Medicaid beneficiaries.
  • The Salesforce platform will connect around 200 entities including hospitals, private practices, nursing homes, substance abuse treatment programs, homeless shelters, and social service agencies.
  • Medicaid is undergoing a massive transformation in New York, where the goal is to reduce hospital utilization by 25% in five years through the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program.

For the most part, health IT tech have frustrated end-users. For example, EHRs burden clinicians with administrative tasks that take away from face-to-face time with patients. Clinicians point to mainstream tech companies and wonder why health IT vendors are so far behind.

“It’s time for healthcare to stop retreading old ground and instead embrace the kind of user-centric innovation pioneered by the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Uber, and other network-based revolutionaries,” Jonathan Bush, CEO and president of athenahealth, wrote for Stat in 2016.

Back in 2014, Salesforce set a goal to bring in $1 billion annually. The customer revenue management (CRM) software company controls about a fifth of the $26 billion dollar CRM industry, according to Gartner.

The company saw an opportunity to leverage its background in software to fill gaps that health IT vendors have been unable to fill. Salesforce partnered with companies like Accenture, GE, Philips, PwC, Epic, and Cerner, and launched Health Cloud in 2015. The product webpage features photos of an interface and tools that allow providers to quickly view a patient profile, inspect their health timeline, check for planned events in a care plan, and communicate with other members of a patient care team.

Salesforce is hardly the only tech company to enter the healthcare space. As providers continue to partner, merge and strategically align with other organizations, coordination will be needed. Salesforce, as Gartner notes, has a large market share in the CRM space. Many companies are entering the space in hopes to mop up the money that will come with health IT tech adoption and while Salesforce certainly has brand recognition, time will tell which tools and tech providers gravitate toward.


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