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Cerner positions as US jobs creator

March 26, 2017

The Cerner corporation officially opened its new campus earlier this month on the site of the old Bannister Mall, near 87th Street and Hillcrest Road in Kansas City. The company now says it will create 16,000 new jobs during the next ten years.

Two new buildings already are home to 3,000 Cerner software engineers. The company wants to create an environment that will attract the best and brightest minds to Kansas City.

Cerner showed off some of the campus’ unique features, including a motion health lab to help workers stay in the best physical condition. There’s also an onsite medical clinic and pharmacy that’s 100 percent paperless and nodes and nooks to encourage creativity.

Eventually Cerner will build 4.3-million square feet of office space in 10 buildings.

“We want to attract the best talent from around the country,” said Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. “We want to make Missouri a place where young professionals, if they grew up here, are excited to stay. We want to make this a place where young professionals from around the country, they know they can come and they can build a great life here.”

The campus includes multiple dining areas, with a Starbucks and other specialty foods. Again, all the cafeterias are paperless, where workers pay with a card, phone app or even their thumbprint.

A game room also helps spur creativity, because many believe the best ideas don’t happen at your desk.

A partnership with government, including tax incentives, helped persuade Cerner to invest in south Kansas City, an area that has been on the decline but now is seeing spinoff projects nearby.


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