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Egalet piles up patents for making abuse-deterrent meds

June 6, 2017

A Wayne, Pa., company that has developed a way to make prescription pain killers more difficult to tamper with, has received its 19th patent involving its proprietary Guardian technology.

Eaglet’s polymer matrix tablet technology employs a unique application of the manufacturing process of injection molding – producing tablets that are are difficult to cut, crush, grind or break using any variety of mechanical and electrical tools. In addition, if the medicine is combined with a liquid, the drug turns into a viscous gel making it difficult to inject. The process provides a method for the precise delivery of combination pharmaceutical products with immediate-, delayed- or extended-release properties.

Egalet (NASDAQ: EGLT) is using the manfacturing method to develop abuse-deterrent forms of commonly abused prescription medications. The company launched its first Guardian product, called Arymo ER, in March.

To date, the company has received 19 U.S. patents and 94 patents outside of the United States that cover its Guardian technology and its product candidates.

Egalet is not limiting Guardian’s use to pain medicines.

“The newly issued patent adds to the flexibility for what we can do with future products and partnerships using our Guardian technology,” said Bob Radie, the company’s president and chief executive officer. “This technology puts us at an advantage to create more sophisticated delivery systems for many different kinds of pharmaceutical products.”


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