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Covid-19 pandemic and food: Present knowledge, risks, consumers fears and safety

September 20, 2020




COVID-19 is not transmitted by food itself, but due to high survival rate of virus on surfaces may be a route of spreading the disease.•

The proper treatment of food and application of hygiene rules in industry, shops and household may prevent infections.•

Food packaging is a key factor that needs attention in order to stop spreading COVID-19 in human population.



COVID-19 is a pandemic disease that has paralyzed social life and the economy around the world since the end of 2019, and which has so far killed nearly 300,000 people. The rapidity of its spread and the lack of detailed research on the course and methods of transmission significantly impede both its eradication and prevention.

Scope and approach

Due to the high transmission rate and fatality resulting from COVID-19 disease, the paper focus on analyzing the current state of knowledge about SARS-CoV-2 as well as its potential connection with food as a source of pathogen and infection.

Key findings and conclusions

There is currently no evidence (scientific publications, WHO, EFSA etc.) that COVID-19 disease can spread directly through food and the human digestive system. However, according to the hypothesis regarding the primary transmission of the virus, the source of which was food of animal origin (meat of wild animals), as well as the fact that food is a basic necessity for humans, it is worth emphasizing that food can, if not directly can be a carrier of the virus. Particular attention should be paid to this indirect pathway when considering the potential for the spread of an epidemic and the development of prevention principles.

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