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MacroGenics’ MGC018 shows encouraging action in treatment of solid tumors

September 23, 2020

MacroGenics (MGNXannounces the development of MGC018, an investigational antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) targeting B7-H3 for the treatment of solid tumors in a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Preclinical studies showed that MGC018 mediated specific in vitro killing across a range of B7-H3-expressing solid tumor cell types. Furthermore, MGC018 mediated bystander in vitro killing of B7-H3-negative tumor cells in the presence of B7-H3-positive tumor cells was observed.

MGC018 displayed potent antitumor activity in preclinical tumor xenograft models of breast, ovarian and lung cancer, as well as melanoma.

Additionally, antitumor activity was observed toward patient-derived tumor xenograft models of breast, prostate and head and neck cancer displaying heterogeneous expression of B7-H3.

Importantly, MGC018 exhibited an acceptable pharmacokinetic and safety profile in cynomolgus monkeys following repeat-dose administration.

“With its overexpression on a wide range of solid cancers but limited presence on normal tissues, B7-H3 is an attractive candidate for an ADC-targeting approach,” said Deryk Loo, Ph.D., Senior Director of Research at MacroGenics and the lead author of the paper.

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